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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Below are some pictures of Sophie's 7th birthday. I can't believe we have a seven year old! Every year gets more exciting, but I get a little bit sad. It's so true that time flies, and I am all too aware of it. Of course, time goes slowly on a day like today- Saturday, no plans, raining out. Most days, though, fly by. I love having children and watching them grow up, learning, having fun. I am always aware of how blessed I am to have them, even when I need a break from them- you Moms know what I mean! Sophie is so sensitive, smart, and energetic. She is really good with her little brother. I am lucky to have such a great kid.
So, for the party: Sophie decided the AirHogs minor league baseball game was so fun last time we went, that she wanted to have her party there. We invited just 5 girls, and four were able to come. It was the smallest party she's had, but one of the best! You can do more with fewer kids. We started out at home and had pizza, cake, and gifts. I made matching t-shirts for everyone. They are at the age where they like to dress alike, and aren't embarassed. So it was a great idea- they got lots of attention and it was so easy to keep up with everyone!
Something I love about Sophie is that she always shows lots of enthusiasm at gift time. Whether it's Christmas or birthday, no matter the gift, she acts like she won the lottery with each opened package. This is with no prompting from me. She goes and hugs each giver. I love that she makes each gift giver feel special.
There was one gift she was a bit more excited to get and it was a surprise. I wrapped in a box a paper announcing that she would be attending the Miley Cyrus concert in October. She read that and SCREAMED!!!! so loud the whole neighborhood could hear it. There was no doubt she was excited about that!
This year as she is older, she's into money and gift cards (credit cards as she calls them). She got some bills and enjoyed flashing them around, fanning herself, and throwing them up in the air. Quite the drama queen!
I think some of the girls were skeptical about going to a baseball game, but they all agreed it was a ton of fun. John went up to the announcer and had them announce her birthday and post it on the screen. They all got balls from a staff worker because they were wearing matching shirts. It was so cute to see them walking the parking lot holding hands in a row. Birthday Party Success!!

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