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These are the days in the lives of Sophie and Jake, with a few inputs from Mom and Dad.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


The kids were Tinkerbell and Peter Pan for Halloween. We went to a Fall Fest at church, and then for Halloween stayed home to pass out candy. Sophie's favorite part of her costume was wearing makeup and Jake loved his hat. They made the perfect pair. Cuties!! Oh, and Sophie was very excited to win a cake in the cake walk at church. She didn't even care that it was a lemon bundt cake or that about 30 other kids won a cake, too.

Krispy Kreme!!

Jake's took his first trip to sugar-coated heaven. Oh, yeah, Krispy Kreme!! We stopped by after church one day. He loved it. Sophie picked out a cute pumpkin donught and Jake, well, he took anything he could get. Nothing like a sugar high on a Sunday! Sophie likes it, but Jake takes after my side of the family. KK has been known to eat a whole box of warm ones before she made it home!!

Race For Education

Sophie completed 12 laps for her school's fundraiser, Race For Education. She might have done a few more, but she was too tempted by the break stands set up for water and orange slices. I think she took a break twice per lap! Thanks to all of you who contributed!

Fall At The Dallas Arboretum