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These are the days in the lives of Sophie and Jake, with a few inputs from Mom and Dad.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Things To Do On a Hot Day.....

swim naked in the back yard.

New Stuff!

To celebrate Sophie getting well, Pa took us to Chili's and then shopping. Sophie got an early birthday gift and Jake got some new crocs.



John says my heart is bigger than my brain. I guess he's right, because we added a new member to our family. I like things in 2's. It's more fun! Two cookies, two shoes, two dollars, two kids, two cats, two dogs.....We went to the Ft. Worth Animal Shelter and adopted "Harry". Someone (MOM!) sends me emails of sweet little dogs needing homes. I am always able to pass them by without much thought. But this time I took the link in the email to www.petfinder.com and was linked up with some pet pics. I scrolled through without much thought and then ooooh- there he was. Pictured with his brother, Scruffy, was Harry the dog. I kept thinking about him for days. So one day when we had cabin fever (Sophie was very sick for 3 days) we went to check him out. You're thinking, yeah, right. John couldn't even resist. And he's the one whose heart can be three sizes too small like the Grinch at times. Which, in his defense, can be a good thing. Like when my brain is three sizes too small.
I felt bad leaving brother Scruffy behind. But a very nice lady and her son adopted Scruffy the very same day. I hope their little doggy hearts aren't too sad about being split up. So far Harry is very loveable and easy going. What's not quite so easy going is his pee-pee and poopie accidents on our carpet. On those days he's "my" dog, "my" idea, "my" mess to clean up. But he's a cutie!

Matt, Kelly, and twins made suprise trip to Dallas for July 4th, Matt's birthday!

July 4th Party at The Mitchell's

Midlothian Hot Air Balloon Festival

Girly things that Jake likes...purses, high heels, dolls with long hair.....

Summer Trips

In June we went up to Arkansas, and then on to Missouri for a Misemer family reunion.

We got to do a little shopping while Daddy worked. Jake got his first Stride Rite shoes. He was very proud!

John found a new stroller for the working dad. Jake hitched a ride on the way up to the hotel room.

For everyone who comments on how tan our family is.......
For whatever reason, kids just like to be naked,
and it makes for cute pictures.

Catching up with Christmas in July!